3D-LNS upgrades your CT to an interventional workspace!

Planning is easy: just draw a line and activate it!

Easy intervention: instantly the LNS laser guides your needle to the target.

Minimize your effort in CT-guided interventions!

  • Are you looking for a way to achieve even faster, more precise and safer CT-guided interventions?
  • Is conventional intervention planning too imprecise and time-consuming for you?
  • Would you rather look after your patients than take care of complicated technology?

Quick and uncomplicated CT-guided interventions on the highest level with 3D-LNS!

3D-LNS quickly and easily indicates the puncture site. You draw the path of the needle on a CT-image or an MPR-slice and the LNS-laser immediately indicates the needle path on the patient. Marker, grids and registrations are not required. As a reliable assistant, the 3D-LNS contactlessly guides your precision instruments to the desired destination:

  • Biopsy
  • Drainage
  • Tumor therapy
  • Pain therapy
  • Infiltrations
  • Denervation
  • Trauma surgery
  • ...